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The company continues to develop and explore new business opportunities to diversify, a philosophy which to date has greatly contributed to the continued successful growth of the Quest Group.

The group remains wholeheartedly engaged in activities to provide financial support for local projects aimed at helping communities with shelter, clothing, educational facilities and, most importantly, Medicare centers.

The Group has established a diverse type of enterprises engaged in a wide spectrum of economic activities. Quest Real Estate Ltd. is continuously endeavoring to provide people with housing facilities. Starting with the development of One Model town, the company intends to provide housing facilities for people living in other major cities also.

Quest Agro Ltd. is endeavoring to develop the agriculture sector and the afforestation activities of the country to promote the Agro-based industries as well as to improve the ecological balance. Quest Agro Production Fish and Poultry, Diary Farm is Suited Trishal Powroshova at Momenshahi Dist.

Swapno Puron Sromojibi Somobay Samittee Ltd. was established in 2009 and to date is proud to announce that over 100 individual members are actively involved in numerous projects aimed at changing people’s lives for the better. By simply investing your money and your time you too can make real life changing differences to so many people and families. If you want to get involved then contact us by e-mail or phone and we can tell you about the exciting projects we are currently managing and our new initiatives, all designed to help people throughout Bangladesh.

In recognition of the importance of universal education the company is proud of its continuing commitment to promote educational facilities through the Quest Education Foundation. With clear objectives aimed at improving cultural, ethical and professional learning, by complimenting existing educational facilities and in some instances by creating new initiatives whenever and wherever possible.

Most recently the group has developed Quest Trade International Ltd. its import and export designed to grant access to new market opportunities. At this time Bangladesh is recognized as one of the world’s growth opportunities, especially for established oversees businesses. The group recognizes this real potential and plans to align its activities with new cross-marketing trading partnerships in a diverse range of products and services. The group is committed to developing its portfolio of profit opportunities and believes the import and export division will prove integral to the Quest Groups future profit growth projections.

Bangladesh being a developing country has got a lot of scopes of development in the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. Many organizations have been working for the development of cities and other urban areas but the progress is not satisfactory because of lack of coordination among the development authorities. Construction of residential accommodations for the city dwellers, development of city roads & high ways for smooth transportation system, supply of safe water for the citizens and power generation for mass electrification are a few of our immediate requirements where Quest Group is aiming for active participation.


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